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Destined for Captivity, by P. T. Little is now available in paperback for just $12.99 plus $4.00 S&H. Press the donate button on the side of the page to get your copy. Or you can follow the link below to order from Amazon.


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Post Election Thoughts

A friend of mine wrote this to me in an e-mail. I thought it would make a good post

Unlike the present President, when I was in the Marines and was sent to Viet Nam in the last months of 1967, we didn’t leave men behind because of the heat of a battle. I was a machine gun squad leader shortly after our ‘victory’ in the battle for Khe Sahn in the spring of 1968. We left Khe Sahn and we were at a base enjoying real food and real showers for a change. We suddenly got the fearful call to ‘saddle-up’. Another company was pinned down and taking heavy casualties and we couldn’t leave them without support. We loaded down with gun ammo (about 200 rounds per A-gunner, gunner and me, the machine gun squad leader. When we got out of the choppers all hell was breaking loose. Rounds were flying by us–It sounded like a swarm of bees. We charged up to where the other company was pinned down and our squad took up a position behind a berm of dirt. The wounded Marine nearby told us that there was a 50 caliber machine gun straight in front of us–Not good news. Then the order came to get up and go through the enemy line. I fixed my bayonet and told my gun squad to get up and move through the bush line in front of us. We charged so fast through the line that we got behind the enemy lines and didn’t realize our predicament until we were about 1/4 mile behind enemy lines. Then, our biggest fear was getting back to our lines without getting shot by our own men. On our way back to our lines we rescued a wounded Marine who probably would have died if we hadn’t made the mistake of charging too quickly through the enemy line.

So, what does this have to do with the election just past? It’s fearful to see the despondency about the re-election of Obama. It’s almost like there’s a total lack of hope among conservatives regarding the survival of this country. This is no time to falter in the sure battle that lies ahead. When I was lying behind that berm in Viet Nam with rounds buzzing over my head and wounded and dead Marines all around me, I’ve got to tell you that the last thing I wanted to hear was the command, “Get up! We’re going through!” But I obeyed the command and we defeated the enemy that day.

There are many traitors in high places in this country–But, there’s many noble, good and patriotic Americans also. Many of you who are reading this short letter are among those noble, good and patriotic Americans. My generation forgot the truism that “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We thought, wrongfully, that we could trust the Judges and the elected politicians to do what was best for this country and for us.

The naysayers might be right. There might be no way out of the coming catastrophe. But this I vow and I hope you will too. I will fix my bayonet and do my duty to God and country. I will not lay down without a fight. I know what it’s like to face the enemy in battle. It is terrifying! But we have no place to run to. If we don’t fight we will be slaves and our children and grandchildren will never know what it’s like to be truly free. Will you stand and fight in this battle for our country?

The problem is simple. We, the church, have forsaken our first love. We have joined with the world in our entertainment, in sending our children into the hell-holes called “public schools”, and in our desperate struggle for ‘more stuff’. For the sake of a bigger house or a better car we have said that we can’t afford to educate our children–So they have to go to the public schools. Could someone PLEASE tell me that they really believe that Abraham would send his children into Sodom and Gomorrah because they had a more formal system to ‘educate’ their children. Is our culture any better than Sodom and Gomorrah?

You might think you’re unworthy because of your sin or your supposed lack of ability. But God chooses the weak to confound the wise. Moses was a murderer and he constantly made excuses to God why he couldn’t do what God had called him to do and yet God chose him and used him in the greatest national deliverance in the history of the world. David was an adulterer and murderer and yet God used him mightily as king of Israel and God called him, “a man after His own heart”. Jonah tried to run away from God’s calling but God delivered him to the city of Nineveh by a three day ‘fish-delivery’. Elijah was so despondent that he cried out to God to take his life. Job lamented the day of his birth. Peter denied his Lord three times and ALL the Apostles chosen by Jesus deserted Him at the hour of His greatest need. How can anyone say that God can’t use them?

Don’t be cowered by the enemy. He is a fearful but defeated foe. Right now he is flexing his power in America but if the church arises he WILL bow the knee to Christ. The most oft repeated and most often disobeyed commandment in the Bible is just two words–FEAR NOT!!! It terrifies me to think of 4 more years of Obama–And yet who is this man and his minions compared to Christ? We need to fight by the power and in the name of Christ for our country and for our God.



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New Book Available.

 Destined for Captivity, by P. T. Little is now available on Kindle for $3.99. And it is FREE for Kindle Premium users.

In 2200, cloning for body parts has reached its zenith. It benefits all mankind. Unless you happen to be a clone.
Escaped clone, Cebel Ben Ruwach, must avoid being captured by his cloner,
Lawrence Van Mal, who is terminally ill and needs to harvest organs immediately.
Van Mal’s hired gun, Harag the mercenary, pursues Cebel, as well as the members
of the Moralist movement, a group bent on wreaking havoc on the entire industry.

When some of the freed clones are discovered to have been genetically engineered
to produce extraordinary abilities, a Pandora’s box is opened that changes the
equation for all concerned. As the intergalactic chase unfolds, Cebel receives
assistance from unexpected sectors, but his survival is uncertain as he weighs
saving his own life against the fate of his friends.

Distend for Captivity

Coming soon, a new release from Scholar’s Heart Press and Red Shift Books

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Next-Wave Reformation Manifesto

Scholar’s Heart Press now has Next-Wave Reformation Manifesto in paperback. This book documents the history, beliefs, and challenges for the Next-wave of the Reformation. Many people ask if this is a legitimate branch of the Reformation. Read Dr. Ean Theron’s book and find out for yourself.   The book is $8.99 plus $3.00 for shipping. Order it by hitting the donate button on the side-column.

New Web-Cast.

A new web-cast, “Next Wave Reformation Radio” hosted by Dr. Ean Theron. Please Join in if you can.

New Book Available


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Paperack Book Now Available

The New Book Five Points of Grace is now available in Paperback. 209 pages long.

The cost is $13.99 plus $4.00 shipping and handling!

“With the inclusion of interesting biographical and anecdotal material, this book is unique. Dr. Theron even uses wit and humor to define, document, and defend his theology. It is easy to read and it provides an understanding of the issues free from the typical rancor. I recommend it for those trying to decide what to believe about salvation. Is it of God 100% or is it a 50/50 partnership between God and man? This book gives a biblical response that is a pleasure to read.” Dr. Robert A. Morey, President of Faith Defenders

New Book Now Available

My new book Five Points of Grace: The Success of God in the Work of Redemption is now available on Kindle. Premium members can get it for free and it is for sale for 9.99. I will let you all know when the paperback version will be out.  You can get it at the link bleow!

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The Apostle Paul’s World View Part Two, By Dr. Ean Theron

St. Paul by El Greco, c. 1608-1614. Originally...

St. Paul by El Greco, c. 1608-1614. Originally taken from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week we began exploring Paul’s world view as it is unfolded in the book of Philippians. We started by examining his view concerning himself as a slave of God. In this article, we will look at Paul’s view of the security of salvation. This is another important theme in understanding Paul’s world view.


There are many things we could say about what Paul believed about salvation. However, from Philippians it is apparent that he believed in the security of the believer. In Reformed circles, this is called The Perseverance of the Saints. Paul writes, “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6, E. S. V.).


In the context, the “good work” is in reference to salvation. This can be seen for three very important reasons:


  1. The word for began in Greek is enarchomai. This word is used in only one other place in the New Testament and it is also a reference to salvation, “Are you so foolish? Having started out with the Spirit, are you now ending up with the flesh?” (Galatians 3:3). The obvious answer to this rhetorical question is no. Paul is saying that those who start out regarding the work of salvation started out by the Spirit of God. These people are not sustained by the flesh, but by the Spirit.
  2. Where this good works takes place. Paul identifies where this good work takes place. Namely, it is done in them. The reference here is to the inner reality of those within the Philippian Church.
  3. When this good work will finally be completed. Paul identifies when that good work will be completed—namely, on the day Jesus returns. This is an obvious reference to an occurrence beyond their physical existence. These three facts identify what the good work is—redemption!



Paul begins by saying that he is sure of this doctrine. Paul has no doubts about the security of the believer. The work of God in salvation will be brought to completion by Him.  The reason Paul is so sure of this is due to the fact that this is God’s work and not man’s work. Paul does not say that God will complete what we start, but that He will complete what He starts. The Apostle is careful to point out that it is God who does the work. The reason Paul can be so sure of the security of the believer is due to God’s faithfulness to Himself.


There is no room in Paul’s theology for a salvation that starts with man and is finished by man. Neither is there any room for a faith that says man and God cooperate together to bring about salvation and that cooperative work is what secures a believer to eternity.


Personally speaking, any view of salvation that involves my efforts in any way is troublesome. This is because I know how often I fail and how often I displease and disappoint God. To be perfectly honest, if security for salvation is placed on me in any way, I’m damned. Thankfully, like Paul, I do not hold this view.


It is comforting to know that because the work of salvation is God’s, we can be confident in our security. This is not confidence in an arrogant sense. It would be arrogant to think that we can have security because of something we have done or something we are doing. This is confidence in God. It is confidence in what He has done in our lives and in what He will continue to do. Our security, and therefore our confidence are in God.